Monday, April 16, 2012

New Things

As if spring needs another novelty! With all the tree swallows circling, the woodcocks mating with whistles and brrrreeeeeps in the evening dusk, and all the green shoots pushing out of the ground. . .who needs another thing?

Village Farm does, apparently.

Benjamin has been asking for "bunnies" for 2 years. That seems to be the magic number used as a waiting period. A cooling off period, shall we say. If the desire lasts for 2 whole years. . .well, we deliver. It worked for us with Joseph asking to take fiddle lessons and it seems to be working with the bunnies. We have had them for 4 weeks and they are still getting a LOT of attention. (Phew.)

Meet Flopear and Nibbles, named appropriately, to be sure.

Willie is back on the farm for 2012. We are all quite happy about this and are looking forward to another great growing season with Willie's capable and easy-going self around here. When interns choose to return for a second season, we have offered that they may want to take on an independent project. Willie gets points with the boys for choosing to rear 3 baby goats for the summer. They win in Benny's heart because he has a love of All Things Cute. I will get a good picture soon. Here is Willie building the goat shelter.
Soon they will join us in the barnyard. For now they are down in the barn, though Willie is often seen in the evenings with three baby goats--out for a stroll. (Cute.)

In the not-so-cute department but very utilitarian and also very fun, we have a shipping container parked in the barnyard. No, we are not filling it with topsoil to be shipped abroad. No, not micro greens. Today it arrived and held the boys' attention all day. Lots of running and yelling in the funky acoustics, and splinters in toes, of course.

It will be filled with old mill parts: hinges and hardware, shafts and belts. Residents of Freedom have been privy to this news for a few months but for all of you outside of 'city limits', Prentice's folks have purchased a town landmark and have begun to renovate it. Originally used as a grist mill, the old building also housed a lumber mill and a dowel mill in its heyday. We shall see what is in its future. There will be two spaces for rent once the renovation is complete at the end of 2012. We are soooo excited to watch this project as it progresses.

And for our far-away cousins, a video. Prentice has been at it again.

And how are the vegetables, you might wonder? The greenhouse is at 75% capacity, I would say, and the first seedlings for sale will be rolling into the Belfast Coop around May 1st. Willie and Prentice spent the day in the tree and shrub nursery and I spent the morning seeding flowers.
We still have CSA shares (of all types!) available, so do treat yourself to a season's worth of fine vegetable eating, if you haven't signed up already. (Sign up form click here.)

Best wishes from all of us,