Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Marching toward Spring!

With March just around the corner, we farmers are tidying up the last of our necessary winter work. Farm planning (aka building spread sheets), seed ordering, firewood, home improvements and vehicle maintenance are a few of the things we have been up to lately. On the family front, lots of game playing and then outdoor bike riding some days, sledding the next!

It is a huge relief to all of us that Prentice's knee surgery back in December went so well. His rehab has also gone well and he is feeling on track for everything but high impact sports in 2016. Soccer, skiing and ice hockey will have to wait until 2017, folks! The boys and I are also well, very much enjoying the warmth of hearth and home, times with family and farm critters and books, books, books!

Next week we will cross the seasonal threshold into seedling care. We will sow the first seeds of 2016 with our best blessings and hopes for a bountiful growing season. This is always a joyous moment when we take pause, wonder at the life held dormant in the incredible, wee beings called seeds and then drop first one then thousands into good, rich potting soil.

As you can imagine, we are teeing up our markets, as well. We have met with all the caterers, coops, restaurateurs and distributors who purchase the good food grown here at Villageside. Our CSA is of course, another market for us. Spring. . . er. . . late winter sign ups help us plan for how much advertising we need to do in order to fill our membership goal. If you intend to sign up, use the sign up link here.
Pay it all at once or pay as you can. We will remind you monthly until you are paid off.
Checks by mail are best.
Shares are $475 for 21 weeks this year. June 21-Nov 1.

Spread the word, if you can, and care to!
You know what we offer, who we are, what we are trying for.

If you have a friend, co-worker, neighbor or family member who is curious about food and local farming, please do hand them an info card (posted around town in Belfast, or call us and we can send you some!), post a happy recommendation to facebook or other social media, or pen them a letter, with real ink!

 Our website is

With all warm greetings to each of you,
gratitude for your support last year and over many years,
and hugs from your farmers in Freedom,

Polly and co.

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