Sunday, May 8, 2016

We had an absolutely fantastic time on Saturday May 7th for our first Saturday Seedling Sale of 2016. We are busy filling wholesale orders all week and will be hoping to see you and yours out here Saturday for the May 14th Sale. 8am-12 noon-- the morning!

The whole first planting of brassicas and spinach, lettuces and parsley are in the farm fields. Planted, watered and already sending roots down down down.

Prentice and I are counting our lucky stars as the work crew continues to gel. Chris and Laura have returned for a second year and this is amazing in so many ways. It is always a pleasure to have people return for a second year of learning and doing here. It ups our responsibilities as mentors to a next generation of farmers and it has obvious benefits of having people who already know our systems.

Sydney and Rose round out the 'regular' crew and both of the, though new to farming are getting right into the act. Sydney loves carpentry and has built many a bench in her few short weeks here. Rose is a wealth of information for all of us as she has lots of forestry and animal research under her belt.

2016 will also include some stellar volunteers who dash in for a day or afternoon each week and buoy the whole of us with their stories from other times and places and of course contribute beyond measure to the work of the place. In short, we are very very grateful and so lucky to look forward to months ahead of a fine group of collaborators on this Villageside Farm thing we do.

We still have CSA shares available and a host of fantastic add-on shares: Cheeses from Appleton Creamery, Bread from back40 Bakehouse and Apples in the fall from Out on a Limb. Info for all of these locally produced and delicious options are available on our CSA page. 

Be in touch, friends, with any questions about any of it. We are here and we would love to see you and feed you in the growing season ahead.

With Love,
Polly and co.

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